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19 décembre 2006 2 19 /12 /décembre /2006 00:00

Comme vous le savez, j'aime bien rendre à César ce qui est à César, malheureusement beaucoup d'images circulent sans que l'on en connaisse l'auteur.

Je viens d'en retrouver un, que j'appelerais "Gonbee" comme le nom de son blog...car ne lisant pas encore le japonais je ne parviens pas à déchiffrer le contenu du site. Vous y retrouverez donc un certains nombres de fanarts Mai Hime et Mai Otome.


Quelques unes de ses oeuvres :




Le site sera ajouté à la liste des liens vers les sites de fanarts mai hime/mai otome

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Ameline 01/03/2009 13:05

Natsuki et Shizuru elles ont trop la classe !!! jlé adore!!

Francesca 20/12/2006 15:38

I think you write it well, your English is better than my French!^^ This is quite sad!
I cannot find "Haibane Renmei" in Emule's list...or...well:I have found it, but my pc cannot run it (it's a Matroska file! have you ever heard abt a Matroska file??I didn't expect it to exist!)
Anyway, I'm going to New York this week, maybe I can find a DVD of "Haibane", don't you think?
I'm really curious now that I've read your comment abt "Haibane", I MUST see it!!!

Minipoussin 20/12/2006 18:38

Haibane Renmei is licenced in US and in France so it's difficult to find it on the web. I think you should easily find them in NY.
It's a very very good show. One of the best i"ve seen this year
Matroska is a special codec you can find patches to read this kind of files on the web ;-)

Minipoussin 19/12/2006 19:53

Thanks for your comments Francesca ^ ^
I can read english even if i don't write it well. So don't be afraid to let your thoughts on the blog.

Francesca 19/12/2006 18:18

I really have to thank you for this blog. It's really wonderful, I have found a lot of infos abt anime that we don't have in Italy, plus you're a great blogger!
P.S.:I'm really sorry, but my French sucks, I make too much mistakes in writing it!! I must write in English, just tell me if you prefer Spanish

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